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Why Sparkl?


Let’s face it.  We all love a clean car... but at what cost?  No longer do you need to wait in line at your local car wash.  Now, with the touch of your finger, your car gets cleaned without wasting your precious time... or our environment's precious resources! 

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Let Sparkl come to you.  We will leave your vehicle sparkly clean no matter where you are - your driveway, garage, office parking lot, or just on the street.



Did you know, on average, a car wash can use up to 100 gallons of water per wash?

 We use eco-friendly,  waterless products made from natural ingredients.  You get the same sparkly clean car - just not at the expense of the environment.


Sparkl personnel are background checked and receive ample training on how to wash your car most effectively.  We guarantee it!  


How to Sparkl?



Register on our app.


Select a date/time and location.


There is no step three!