How can a car be washed without water? 

We use a high quality water-based solution containing nano-polymers that, when sprayed on your car, cling to the dirt creating a ball bearing effect, which "lifts" the dirt from the surface of the car.  We then wipe the car clean using a microfiber towel.  Scratch-free guaranteed, with little to no water needed.

What products do you use?

We partnered with Eco-Touch because they are the most trusted brand among leading car care specialists, enthusiasts and collectors.  All of their products are made of mainly natural ingredients, and are biodegradable.

Do I need to be present when the washer arrives?

If you are getting only your exterior washed, then no.  Your washer will send you a message letting you know when he/she arrives and when your job is complete.  If you are getting the interior cleaned as well, you just have to ensure that the washer can have access to the inside of the car.  When you receive notification that the washer arrived, you can unlock the door with your key.  Or, you can just leave the door unlocked.  Or you can leave the keys with your doorman. Just let us know when you book your appointment. Our washer will lock the doors once the job is complete.   

What is your cancellation policy?

As long as you cancel at least 2 hours in advance, you will not get charged.  If you cancel within 2 hours of the wash or you don't cancel at all and your vehicle isn't where it is supposed to be, you will be charged the full amount.

What if it rains or snows on the day I have a scheduled cleaning?

If the forecast calls for heavy rain or snow and you are parked outside, we will send a notification asking you to reschedule.  If your car is in a covered area, you can still get the Sparkl Inside Out.  There are 2 other times that we would need to reschedule or cancel: 1) when it's too dangerous for our washers to be outside (e.g. polar vortex, thunderstorms, severe snow storm), or 2) temps fall below 20 and your car is not in a heated garage (our products are water-based so they too can freeze!).  

Where can my car be washed?

Virtually anywhere within our service area.  Currently we are serving select areas in Chicago.

Do I need to supply your washers with anything?

Nope.  We provide it all.

Do I need to tip my washer?

While you don’t need to tip your technician (we compensate them assuming no tips), it’s a nice thing to do. You have the option to tip via the app, or of course, tip in cash.

How do you determine sedan vs. SUV? 

Anything that is not a sedan, we consider an SUV.   For example, anything from a Jeep Wrangler to an Infinity QX80 is classified as an SUV. If you have a large Tahoe or drive a pick-up truck like a Ford 150, extra charges will apply. We also charge a little extra for minivan interiors since there is quite a bit of space in there! However, we would never upcharge you without contacting you first.

What if my car is REALLY dirty?

If you've been off-roading and your vehicle is completely covered in mud, then maybe you probably need a good old fashioned power wash.   Also, there may be times where the inside of your car is waaaaaay filthy (e.g. TONS of dog hair), which would warrant a surcharge.  We will contact you if that's the case.  Otherwise, we can handle it!

How do you ensure that your technicians are trustworthy?

All of our technicians are background checked.  We do everything we can to put your mind at ease while you enjoy the better things in life.  

Do you vacuum the trunk?

For security purposes, we don’t vacuum your trunk unless you specifically ask us to.  We value your privacy!

Do you remove/re-install car seats so that you can clean behind them?

For liability and safety reasons, we do not remove/re-install car seats.  Our technicians are not trained to properly install car seats.  However, we will remove booster seats as long as they are not strapped in.  If you would like us to clean behind your car seats, please remove them before your scheduled wash.   We are now offering car seat cleaning as an add-on service. Just make sure to uninstall your car seat for the technician.

Do you clean vomit or other bodily fluids?

In most cases, we will clean vomit, dog poop, and other disgusting stuff that sometimes lands in your car. However, out of respect for our technicians, we do require an upcharge of at least $50. Cost is determined on a case by case basis.

If my tires are custom or larger than the norm, will I need to pay extra for a Tire Sparkl?

If your tires are extra-large, we will need to charge extra for a Tire Sparkl since it takes double the amount of time and product. Our technician will always notify you first before any work or charge is made.

What is NuVinAir, and why should I order it?

Sparkl partnered with NuVinAir to bring you a natural, highly effective solution to stinky, musty vents, bad odors and bacteria in the air. The science-backed Cyclone fits in a cupholder and leaves no residue. In just 7-15 minutes, NuVinAir will go through your vents, killing harmful bacteria and foul smells, and then circulate the clean air throughout your vehicle. Why should you use it? To keep you and your passengers happy and healthy! Because like it or not, your vehicle is full of dirt, grime and all sorts of things you can’t see. Eeewww.

How often should I order NuVinAir, and which kind- ReFresh or ReStore?

ReFresh is for smaller jobs — for those looking to clean the air and some lingering odors. It is recommended to order this service every 3 months. ReStore is for the bigger jobs, like vomit, spoiled milk, pet odors, smoking, etc. It will not only clean the air, but neutralize the odor as well.