Sparkl Washes

Sparkl Inside

$25 Car   /   $30 SUV

vacuum Sparkl Car Wash Chicago.jpg

Vacuum entire inside
Clean interior windows
Wipe down seats, dashboard, mirrors, cup holders, doors and door jams

Sparkl Outside

$25 Car   /   $30 SUV

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Clean body and
Exterior windows
Wipe down tires and rims

Sparkl Inside Out

$32 Car   /   $42 SUV

Sparkl Chicago Car Wash.png

Includes it all!


Detailing Services Now Available!

Complete Detail - $157 / $167

Includes and Inside Out wash plus everything below

Floor Shampoo - $30

Shampoo floor mats and floors


Seat Shampoo - $30

Shampoo all seats

Wax - $25

Super shine and protectant for your exterior

Tire Sparkl - $15

Wheel polish, protectant, and brake dust removal 

Pet Hair Removal - $15

Excessive pet hair removal

Leather Conditioning - $25

Special cleaning conditioner on leather seats