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"We used Sparkl for the first time this week.  It was amazing.  The service itself was so easy to use, I downloaded the app on my phone and was able to schedule a wash for the next day.   I was amazed that they were able to do such a great job in such a small space...the car looks like it got a professional detail job, but the service is only priced at regular high end car wash.  I would totally recommend this service to anyone.  What an innovative new business!!"  -- Kathy R.

"I've used Sparkl twice, and have been thrilled both times with the results.  I don't usually have time to wait in line on a beautiful day for a car wash, and Sparkl comes to you for a waterless/eco-friendly car wash.  Yesterday I got my car washed while it sat in the garage!  I didn't have to do anything other than use the app to schedule the wash, and leave the side door of my garage open.  Now I have zero excuses for not having a clean car."  -- Keely D. 


"The Sparkl team did an amazing job on my interior/exterior clean.  They were super pleasant.  Will definitely use again.  Thanks for offering this clever service for a busy mama!"  -- Lori A.


"Wow!  What a fantastic idea AND execution!  Booking the car wash was super easy.  I came out a while later and my car was beautifully cleaned inside and out!  I literally had not had my car washed since my son was born 10 months ago simply because it was too much to try to find the time to make it there.  I will definitely be using Sparkl again very soon!"  --- Leslie P.


"Not only was my car cleaner than when I take it to my previous car wash stayed clean longer too!  Great product, great service, great experience!"  --- Christine S.


"Really great & innovative service.  Our cleaner did a wonderful job, super thorough...couldn't have been more convenient, will absolutely use again."  --- Daniel P.